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Sometimes I run across deals that even I can't get as a business owner.  Either the seller buys in massive bulk or they just know of a source that I've yet to discover.  Since I'm always looking for a great deal, I enjoy passing the savings on to you, my customers.  After all, sharing is caring, right??

Just so you know, this post contains some affiliate links, which means that, if you click and purchase from them, I'll make a small commission - this doesn't cost you anything and doesn't raise your prices at all.  

I shop a lot on Amazon.  A lot.  I mean, everything from envelopes to mattresses.  Really.  I guess that means I'm on Amazon a lot, too.  As a result, I happen upon some great deals from time to time.  Better prices than the department store.  And when an item is large and bulky, like a mattress, you can't beat Prime shipping.  Delivered right to your door instead of having to lug it through the store, then load it into the car and unload it when you get it home.  I'm all about convenience these days, so Amazon Prime is one of my best buds.

Here are some recent purchases I've made from Amazon Prime that I'm quite pleased with.  Perhaps you're in the market for one of these items as well.  Check out my review and link to that product.



My son was in dire need of a new mattress and I had no idea until, one day, I was in his room looking for something and noticed a huge crater in the middle of his bed. He'd been sleeping on this awful mattress for who knows how long!  I immediately went to Amazon and starting looking for reviews on memory foam mattresses.  

I came across this one and was impressed with what people had to say.  It's a cooling gel memory foam mattress, 10 1/2" thick and comes in a box that is about 3'x3'x5'.  For the price, I felt like it was a pretty great deal.  I found a foldable box spring to go with it, also on Amazon, and had it delivered as well.  

Two days later and with no trip to the store or paying for delivery, Will had his new mattress and box spring.  It was simple to put the box spring together and the mattress filled out nicely once we opened the plastic bag it was in.  He absolutely loves it.  I slept on it one night when guests were in town and, he's right, it is super comfortable.  What a great deal!  

The more money I spend on ink cartridges the more I've learned that Amazon usually has the best price.  I go through a lot of ink in my business, so I need to save as much as I can when it comes time to order replacements.  I've tried the refills and the generic brands, but it just seems like nothing lasts as long as the genuine HP brand.

Whether you're moving or shipping packages, tape and boxes are expensive!  I ship tons of packages every week, so I go through lots of tape.  Amazon is my go-to for the best pricing on durable packing tape.  Cheaper than Sams or Costco.  
I always love the smell in the air when I go to the spa and even some of my friends' houses.  Essential oils in a it.  I finally broke down and bought this one for my bedroom.  Love it so much I got one for Will's room as well.  It's inexpensive, but it works great and runs all night.  It has an auto-off feature when the water is gone, so I appreciate that safety feature as well.  It's easy to operate and clean.  And it's compact, so it fits on my nightstand nicely.
I can't give away all of my finds in the first post, so I'll pick it back up next week with some more deals to be had!  Until then, happy shopping.


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